In this topic we would go through the way to runs lubuntu on cubietruck with nand or nand/sata hdd

Get cubietruck and sata HDD (option)

Buy  a cubietruck on internet


Download the lubuntu to nand

1. Get the all necessary resource on cubieboard official website.

What we need is  1. nand flash download tool 2. lubuntu image for nand

2. Select the image would like to download in download tool

3. Press the EFL button and power on cubietruck. [Picture is from ]

4. After download finish, you could boot-up your cubietruck by nand without any problem. 🙂


Move the rootfs from nand to sata [Optional]

Only need three steps we could make cubietruck boot from nand/sata

1. Extend the space of /dev/nandb where rootfs located on nand

#nand-part -f a20 /dev/nand 32768 'boot 131072' 'rootfs 14778368'
#resize2fs /dev/nandb

2. Copy /dev/nandb to to sata hdd /dev/sda1

#mout /dev/nandb /tmp/nandb_source
#mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/sda1
#(cd /tmp/nandb_source; tar --backup -c *) |tar -C /tmp/sda1 -xv

3. Modify the uEnv.txt in nanda

#mount /dev/nanda /mnt
#vim /mnt/uEnv.txt to change rootfs=/dev/nandb to rootfs=/dev/sda1
#umount /mnt

4. Reboot


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