If we would like to change the view of items main page. For example, this time we would like to add 1 fields and remove 1 field. At least we have to do the modification list as below. (PS. I skip the steps to add the required item in database and add/view page modification)

  1. Add the required translation item in application @\language\xxxxxxxxx\items_lang.php
  2. Add the required table header field and remove the table header field you would like to remove in @\application\helpers\table_help.php
    (In this case, we add items_name_id and remove items_tax_percents)
  3. Add the remove corresponding table data handling code @\application\helpers\table_help.php
  4. Reload the page, you will see the modification works

Thanks. if any question, please leave a comment. 🙂

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