1. Download source
    • http://liboil.freedesktop.org/wiki/
  2. Configure project
    • ./configure CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc CXX=arm-linux-gnurabi-g++ --host=arm-linux --build=i686-linux --prefix=/home/kclin/workspace/cross_result/pkg_config/ RANLIB=arm-linux-gnueabi-ranlib LD=arm-linux-gnueabi-ld --cache-file=arm-linux.cache LIBS="-L/home/kclin/workspace/cross_result/pkg_config/lib -lffi" CFLAGS="-I/home/kclin/workspace/cross_result/pkg_config/lib/libffi-3.0.13/include -I/home/kclin/workspace/cross_result/pkg_config/include" NM=arm-linux-gnueabi-nm
  3. make && make install


Some help:

From here http://rogeriomoraes.com/wp/?p=37


../libtool: eval: line 964: syntax error near unexpected token `|’
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Trying to cross compile liboil-0.3.17 I got this error:
../libtool: eval: line 950: syntax error near unexpected token `|’
You can ignore the line number, it depends on which program you are compiling. After some debugging, I find out that it looks like this was being caused by NM not being defined. Appears that it was being concatenated with a number of other commands within Libtool. When NM evaluated to nothing, this resulted in the syntax error mentioned above.
To fix execute the following command:
export NM=nm
And then execute ./configure again.

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